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Single full automatic brush drill
Single full automatic brush drill

Single full automatic brush drilling machine is widely used for domestic double-sided middle octagon specifications. 6# above all specifications (small model is 6#)

The difference between the automatic brush drilling machine and the semi-automatic drilling machine is that in the past manual production process, the drill and the drill paper are arranged manually, which greatly limits the increase of output. With a fully automated brush rig, production will now be eight times what it used to be, all with just one operator. Remove all links of manual work. The platform of the old brush drill code drill (semi-automatic) is very small, the drill grains often fall from the side position hole of the drill plate, and the removal of static electricity is only caused by the different friction resistance between the pressure plates and the uneven and inaccurate color of the drill plate. Platform machine commonly known as semi-automatic is just mechanization, artificial can not really reduce the meaning, the cost can not fall down.

Single full automatic brush drilling machine advantages

1. It has the features of simple operation, fast brush drilling speed, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.

2. The single-phase 220V power supply is used for the single-phase 220V full-automatic brush drilling machine. The power consumption is less than 7 degrees for the 24-hour continuous operation.

3. When mechanical and electrical joint operation is adopted, it can efficiently complete the work of multi-color hot drill drawing, reduce the number of workers and improve the working efficiency of brush drill. Single full automatic brush drilling machine according to the hot drill industry standard design, high-grade process requirements production, in line with ergonomics principle, easy to operate, reliable and durable, professional hot drill manufacturers can choose.

4. Single registering automatic brush drill out the artificial work all links all automatic implementation deviation, remove the automatic pressure control, CNC counter automatic adjustment, automatic brush drill adjustment, automatic vibration to electrostatic, fully automatic paper automatic tension adjustment function, improve the efficiency of production, ensure product quality, save manpower and material resources, make the production more low carbon environmental protection.

单套版全自动刷钻机广泛适用于国产 双面 中东 八角 规格。6#以上所有规格(小型号是6#) 

单套版全自动刷钻机与老式半自动的区别在于过去的人工制作工序中,单纯地将钻与钻纸手工排列,极大地限制了产量的提高。如今使用一台全自动刷钻机,产量将是过去的8倍,而这一切只需1人操作。(只需加钻)人工工作的所有环节全部去除。 旧式刷钻机码钻(半自动)平台非常小,钻粒经常从侧面钻版定位孔中掉落,去除静电也只是用 水槽造成了压板间摩擦阻力不同也不恒定以至钻版套色不准确。平台机俗称半自动也就是机械化而已,人工还无法真正意义上的减少,成本也降不下来。





4.单套版全自动刷钻机省去了人工工作的所有环节全部去除 自动实施纠偏、 全自动压力调节、 全数控计数器 全自动震动调节、 全自动刷钻调节、 全自动去静电、 全自动合纸纠偏 全自动张力调节的功能, 提高生产效率,确保产品质量,节约了人力、物力,使生产更加低碳环保。 

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