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Mobile:+86-189 9886 2889

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ZUANCHI ZUANCHI - the world's leading brand; Drilling automation equipment co., LTD. Focuses on the research and development, production and manufacturing of automatic brush drilling machine and automation equipment. Brush drilling machine series of equipment, including automatic brush drilling machine (automatic brush drilling machine, automatic hot drilling machine, automatic row drilling machine, automatic code drilling machine, automatic hot drilling brush drawing machine) series of equipment and accessories.

We have passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, European CE certification, RoHS certification and REACH environmental protection testing certification, and fully implemented ERP management. As the world's leading brand, we provide high quality service, not only pay attention to the service attitude, pay more attention to the service level, in order to order from product selection, development, to the whole process of after-sales service, providing customers with more comprehensive professional and efficient services, always with "professional quality, whole-hearted service" wholeheartedly for your service.

More and more customers choose ZUANCHI drilling, the reliability, ease of use, high efficiency, unmanned chemical plant is our future development direction. In the future, drillers will further improve the labor environment and save production costs for customers.

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